M/S Kong Harald

MS 'Kong Harald' is building number 101 at Volkswerft GmbH in Stralsund, Germany. It's a sister ship of MS "Northern Light" and MS "Richard With", and was the first of the new generation fast-rowing ship. 
The ship has been in permanent rotation on the freight route since July 1993.

M/S "Kong Harald" is certified for 691 passengers in coastal shipping and has 490 berths spread over 230 cabins. The ship can carry 45 cars.

M/S Kong Harald was refurbished in 2016 and now features a modern, Arctic-inspired interior. On board are three different restaurants, the Multer bakery and ice cream bar, a sauna and fitness room. Out on deck you can enjoy the view from one of our two Jacuzzi's. There is a comfortable bar at deck 7 at the front of the ship where you also will have a nice view. The vessel also has a large compass area where you find the reception, a tour guide, conference room and shop.