Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 5 - Kirkenes - On our way home

We had to be out of our cabins at 8 am. It was a good time to have breakfast before we arrived into Kirkenes - located close to the Russian border. 
For the last piece of the trip we sailed to the south after having 'rounded North Cape'. 

We arrived into Kirkenes at 9 am - disembarkation took 15 minutes. 
We had bought a transfer from the port to the airport - a 20 minutes drive. 
Kirkenes is located just south of the tree limit and spring had just come to the area - the first birch trees had just sprung out and the early bulbs were flourishing - and there was still a lot of snow. 
At 11:30 am SK 4473 was ready to leave for Oslo. A flight of 2 hours. Continuing to Copenhagen after 1.5 hours of waiting time with lunch in the SAS lounge before take-off to Copenhagen with SK 1471. 
From Copenhagen Airport Train and Bus home.

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