Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trollfjord Sailing and Midtnight Sun

We are north of the northern polar circle and at mid summer the sun is shining all day and night.
At 11pm we entered into Raftsundet between Lofoten Islands and VesterĂ¥len Islands - the main road for shipping traffic between the two groups of  islands. 
It was great to see the low sun shine on the high mountains on the southern side of Raftsundet and the mountains that reflected in the clear water. We made a detour into the Trollfjord at 11:20 pm . 
The narrow Trollfjord is a 2 km long sidearm of the Raftsund between Lofoten islands and Vesteralen archipelago. With its narrow entrance and steep mountain sides, the Trollfjord is really exotic and spectacular - see video below.Trollfjord is only 100 meters wide, and widens to a maximum width of 800 meters. The steep mountains surrounding the fjord are between 600 and 1100 metres high Trolltinder (mountains). 
A nice trip between the snowy mountains. At 1 am we crossed the Raftsund Bridge with the low midnight sun just north. An amazing sight, which is actually rare, as it is often cloudy and raining. 

Sun shining at the mountain tops
Nice views passing by
Midnight sun, passing Raftsund Bridge at 01 am

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