Friday, June 9, 2017

Day 1 - On our way to Bodø

By noon we started our journey towards Norway.  Scandinavian Airlines from Copenhagen Airport to Bodø. After check at Copenhagen Airport iwe got lunch at the Scandinavian Lounge. 3:30 pm flight SK 1460 departed bound for Oslo, where we had to change to the flight bound for Bodø. 
In the past, you had to take our luggage through customs when you switched to domestic flights in Oslo. Now SAS is handling customs clearance, but you can first enter the domestic terminal when clearance has been done and your names was displayed on a screen. A little cumbersome procedure, which means waiting time. At 5:30 pm flight SK 4122 departed for Bodø - a nice flight over the Norwegian mountains and along the west coast of Norway. 
We escaped from Oslo in the rain and landed in nice summer in Bodø. 
Took a taxi to Clarion Hotel Grand. After dinner at the hotel, we went for a walk through Bodø. There were light clouds. 10 pm the sun was still high in the sky to the northwest. 

SK 4122 ready in Oslo, bound for Bodø
Along the west coast of Norway
Landing in Bodø

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