Monday, June 12, 2017

Torget restaurant

At 3 pm we were back in Kirkenes and on the ship were served hot cocoa and blueberry cake - just what we needed. 
At 6 pm the dinner was served. A delicious buffet of fish and crabs from the Arctic Ocean, Norwegian specialties as well as pies and mousse.

Different type of salmon
Norwegian speciality dishes


  1. Cool blog, posts and videos!
    What is the one thing you like d most on Hurtigruten?
    We're off on coastal trip starting 27 Dec - coming from South Africa the cold will be "amazing"!

  2. Thank you for your comment - It will be cold and dark - once you pass the Artic Circle the sun will be gone the entire day. Hope you'll be able to watch Northern light (Borealis) - temperature will be -5 to -10 C - but can be as low a -30 iC n the North.
    Hurtigruten ships are very different - so are the cabins - so answer might depend on ship and cabin - but all ships very small and not a lot of entertainment - in general food is excellent !