Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 3 - Tromsø

We have come a lot further north. 
Beautiful clear sky with nice sunshine, but the air is cool. After breakfast, we enjoyed the sun on the aft deck, while the snowy mountains slowly slipped. The wildest and most beautiful experience. 
Next stop was Tromsø. Arrival at 2 pm with a stay of 4 hours. We were around to see the city. Back on the ship we sat again on the deck in the sun. 
In the evening we got chicken soup,  Arctic charr (a salmon fish) and Røros yoghurt cake. 
At midnight the ship had arranged an event on the upper deck as we sailed across the 'Loppehavet', a sea area off the west coast of Finnmark in northern Norway. 
A little strange that the sun was so high in the sky at midnight. 

Morning at the Sun Deck - nice weather
At midnight - a bit cold
Midnight Sun over Lopphavet at 01 am

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